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NBR Collection Belt reducer is used for cooling tower

Newin NBR series belt reducer is utilized for spherical cooling tower, the belt has great elasticity. The Belt is the center element, it can be in a specified selection according to the need to have to select the duration, to adapt well the center length specifications of the bigger operating conditions. Belt reducer has the qualities of easy framework, steady procedure, little vibration, reduced sounds, CZPT support life, and so on.


– High running reliability, no want to modify the belt pressure, completely fix the upkeep function induced by belt slippage
– High transmission efficiency, completely solve the CZPT reduction caused by belt slippage, and the air output of the fan is a lot more certain
– Convenient set up: the CZPT is an integrated framework, which helps make installation less complicated and far more handy, minimizes set up specifications and decreases installation labor expenses.






Model Nos.of
H H1 H2 H3 Ø1 Ø2 Ø3 Ø4 N-ØD K T
NBR-five two 45 fifty a hundred seventy five 76 355 300 263 34 four-Ø13 37 eight
NBR-six three sixty five sixty 225 a hundred and five 456 348 300 38 4-Ø14 forty one 8
NBR-eight 4 85 62 265 120 456 428 390 50 6-Ø16 fifty three twelve
NBR-10 4 eighty five sixty two 310 a hundred thirty five 608 five hundred 450 fifty four-Ø16 fifty three twelve
NBR-12 five one zero five sixty two 310 143 660 500 450 sixty four-Ø16 sixty three twelve
NBR-14 6 a hundred twenty five 62 320 153 660 500 450 seventy five six-Ø16 seventy nine.five twenty

Set up AND Software

NBR belt reducer is simpler installation, dependable transmission, more conserving general expense, far better productive cooling influence than classic transmission technique, it is effortless set up and servicing.

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