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Handheld Analog Tension Gauge for sale

ATG/ATN Tension Gauge
The dial tension gauge is suitable for relay tip pressure, electronic switch, micro switch, 
valve, spring pull pressure, dial measure equipment principal axis pressure, dial system 
equipment tip and the gag bit mechanical pressure, tape recorder buffer mechanism 
force, and other precise pressures,pulling force test. 

1: Simple to use
2: Refined appearance
three:Tension along allows clockwise direction along an anti-clockwise test, but it always stylus arm and push in the direction of the vertical tension.

Parameter specifications

Sort Max.measured value Division value Measuring range G.W.
Models N N N .25kg
ATN-.3 .3N .01N .06-.3-.06N
ATN-.5 .5N .02N .1-.5-.1N
ATN-1 1N .05N .2-1-.2N
ATN-1.five 1.5N .05N .3-1.5-.3N
ATN-three 3N .1N .6-3.-.6N
ATN-5 5N .2N one-5-1N
Units G G G
ATG-30 30g 1g six-30-6g
ATG-fifty 50g 2g 10-fifty-10g
ATG-a hundred 100g 5g 20-one hundred-20g
ATG-one hundred fifty 150g 5g thirty-one hundred fifty-30g
ATG-300 300g 10g sixty-three hundred-60g
ATG-five hundred 500g 20g a hundred-five hundred-100g

DTF Yran Tension Meter
DTF series Yarn Tension Meter is a instrument which applied in textile industry.
And it also could test the Small metal lines.Characteristic:Refered the principle of the pulley block
Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. wheel is precision bearings with small resistance,make the measuring result more accurate.
Precision: ±1°

Technical Data

Product Variety(gw) Minimum scale value
DTF-twenty five 25-2-twenty five one
DTF-fifty fifty-4-50 two
DTF-75 75-5-seventy five 5
DTF-100 a hundred-10-one hundred 5
DTF-a hundred and fifty one hundred fifty-ten-a hundred and fifty five
DTF-250 250-twenty-250 ten

ASZ rope tension meter
ASZ Rope Tension Testing Instrument can be applied to various occasions, such as power 
industry, telecommunications industry, transportation industry, glass curtain wall decoration, ropeway industry, construction industry, pleasure grounds, tunnel construction, fishing, major research institutions and teaching institutions, testing institutions and other occasions involved with the tension of ropes and steel wire ropes.

one. It has the rope structure with tension force, and can be measured directly without the 
need of being taken apart.
two. It has the light weight, simple structure, convenient operation, and applies to any 
3. It has the stable performance, high measurement accuracy, with automatic system 
compensation function. When the specification of the tested rope is the same as the ropetension testing instrument rope number, the measurement accuracy can reach 2% error or less within the rated measurement range.
four. It has broader range of measurement, with 15 kinds of rope-diameter measuring 
five. Applied range: applied to flexible, stretched ropes, such as various steel wire ropes, high-strength ropes, etc.
6. Accuracy grade: 2~6% of maximum function (depending on the rope form and features).
7. Rope Diameter: ¢6~¢40mm.

Physical Form and Structure 
1. function keys      
2. LCD screen    
3. handle        
four. Rs232 9-hole socket and power socket
5. support seat      
6. positioning block   
7. locking block     
eight. hand wheel

Specification parameters of model

model  ASZ-twenty ASZ-fifty ASZ-100 ASZ-200
maximum load value 
20 fifty a hundred 200
Divided load value 
.01 .01 .1 .1
output connector Rs232 9-hole socket
electricity rechargeable battery  charger (charging voltage 100V~240V)
relative humidity 15%~80%RH
operation No  vibration focus and corrosive media around
net weight 5kg
proportions 650×375×100mm

HD Digital Pressuremeter tension tester
HD digital pressuremeter tension tester is a kindof special equipment to measure wind towers,signal transmission and power transmission systems rope tension. It has characters of high precision, easy to operate, easy to carry, etc. also it has many kinds of test modes, convenient to testing.
Users can also input gravity acceleration value to make the test more accurately.

Function Characteristics
1:High precision, high resolution.
2:Five kinds of test modes, three kinds display modes—To improve test efficiency to the greatest extent.
3:N (Newton), kg (kg), lb (lb) three testing units for selection, mutual conversion.
four:Gravity acceleration setting function—Users can input the precise gravity acceleration value of testing place, make the testing and unit conversion more accurate.
5:Peak holding function—Maintain peak display until manual reset.
six:Automatic peak function—Maintain peak value can be removed automatically after 2 seconds.
seven:Can set upper and lower limit value to make statistical analysis, the value more than comparative value, the alarm buzzer will alarm.
8:Data stored function, we can store 896 test values.
nine:10 minutes without operating automatic shutdown, green initiative.
ten:High quality charging power,charge voltage from 240V to 100V, can adapt to domestic and foreign most areas,also have short circuit, leakage, overload protection function.
eleven:2 sets of installation dimensions, adapt to domestic and foreign most test machines,convenient to installation and using.
12: Six digit Big screen display.

Design HD1T HD2T HD5T HD10T HD20T
Max load value 10KN 20KN 50KN 100KN 200KN
Load division value .01KN .01KN .01KN .1KN .1KN
.001Mg .001Mg .001Mg .01Mg .01Mg
.001Klb .001Klb .001Klb .01Klb .01Klb
Error of indication   ±0.5%   ±1.%
Accuracy According to the ropes characteristics of different
 forms, precision is the 2%-6% of the full range.
Device    N(KN)         Kg(Mg or T)     Lb(Klb)     
Output interface Rs232 Nine holes socket
Power Rechargeable batteries   Battery voltage(100V-240V)
Sensor structure S type or cylinder shape high-accuracy sensor (Exterior)
Operating temperature                    -20ºC+60ºC
Relative temperature   10%-90% RH
Work environment No seismic focus and corrosive medium around
Net weight About 400g+weight of sensor
Dimension 230 * 66 * 36mm

DGZ Elevator Rope Tensiometer
The Elevator rope tensiometer is main used in the elevator traction wire rope tension test.
In elevator installation, acceptance and inspection process, through the test and adjustment of each tractive ropes,make each rope tension as consistent as possible. So can prolong the service life of tractive sheave and make the elevator wire rope run more smoothly. The tensiometer can also be used in bridge sling, tower connection line, overhead conductors, index wire rope and all involving the wire tension tests.

Technical Data

Design DGZ-three hundred DGZ-500  DGZ-one thousand  DGZ-3000 DGZ-5000
Load  300N  500N  1000N  3000N  5000N
Resolution  0.1N   1N
Accuracy                          <=±5%
Repeatability                          <=±1%
Loading method                          Manual
Electricity 7.2V Nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery pack
Measurement                          418*128*forty
N.W.                          1.7Kg

Laboratory analysis afm atomic drive microscope

Automated Atomic Drive Microscope
All-in-a single design and style, sensible composition and form.Scan head and sample phase are designed jointly, powerful anti-vibration overall performance .Precision laser detection and probe alignment system make laser adjustment easy and simple.Adapt servomotor to generate the sample approaching suggestion manually or routinely, to realize precision scHangZhou location positioning.Higher-accuracy and big range sample transfer system permit to scan any intriguing region of sample Different sorts of scanner fulfills diverse CZPT er’s specifications in accuracy and scan sizeoptical observation technique for suggestion check and sample positioning.CCD observing method for real-time sample area observing and positionUse servomotor to achieve CCD car-concentrating CZPT ctronic method is created as modular and effortless for maintenance and development.Built-in with a lot of doing work modes control electronics for even more advancement.

1:  Optical, mechanical and electronicintegration, straightforward outline composition.
two:    Built-in scHangZhou probe and sample stagenhanced the anti-interference potential.
three:     CZPT laser and probe positioning device make modifying the probe and altering thespot straightforward and practical.
four: By using the sample probe approaching manner,the needle could perpendicular to thesample scHangZhou.       
five.    CZPT maticpulse motor push control sample probe vertical approaching, to obtain precisepositioning of the scHangZhou region.
six.    SamplescHangZhou location of fascination could freely moved by making use of the layout of highprecision broad-ranging sample mobile system.
seven.    CZPT precision and large range of piezoelectric ceramic scanner, multiplechoice according to diverse precision andscHangZhou assortment .
eight.    10xapochromat CCD optical positioning system obtain real-time observation andpositioning of the probe sample scan location.
nine.    Thedesign of digital handle method of modularization facilitated maintenanceand steady advancement of circuit.
ten.  Theintegration of numerous scHangZhou manner handle circuit, cooperate with softwaresystem.

Main technical parameters

Function manner FM-tapping, optional make contact with, friction, period,magnetic or       electrostatic
Measurement Φ≤90mm,H≤20mm.   
ScHangZhourange 50mm in XY direction,5 mm in Z route,  different: 20 mm in XY route,2 mm in Z route
ScHangZhouresolution .2nm in XY path,.05nm in Z route.
Movementrange of sample ±10mm.
Pulse width ofthe motor approaches 10±2ms.
Image sampling point 256×256,512×512.
Opticalmagnification 10X optical resolution 1 mm
Scanrate .6Hz~4.34Hz scanangle 0°~360°
ScHangZhoucontrol 18-little bit D/A in XY course,sixteen-little bit D/A in Z direction.
Datasampling fourteen-bitA/D,double16-bit A/D multi-channel synchronous sampling
Feedback DSP digital opinions
Feedbacksampling charge sixty four.0KHZ.
Computerinterface USB2.
Operatingenvironment Windows98/2000/XP/7/8

Product Support
Pre-sale provider
24hours online to make sure swift reaction to CZPT ers’ inquiry or online concept
Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. CZPT ers to select the ideal suitable machine design
Supply comprehensive specification and competitive charges.

Deal execution
Machine manufacturing will be arranged strictly according to the deal
Device image will be sent to you for inspection for the duration of creation
Send CZPT s clearance paperwork by DHL
Update newest news right after shipping and delivery and prepare CZPT s clearance.

Right after-sale provider
12months warranty except for use areas
Damaged spare elements(besides for use parts)will be despatched for cost-free thanks to quality troubles
In time response to CZPT ers specialized difficulties
New merchandise update for CZPT ers’ reference

one. How can I choose the suitable one particular?
Expensive CZPT er, please inform us your thorough demands by mail or on-line, we will suggest the appropriate a single as your request.
2. Does your value is aggressive?
Expensive CZPT er, we make certain to provide you the very best quality with aggressive price tag.
three. How can I pay?
Expensive CZPT er, we settle for numerous payment phrase, such as T/T, CZPT ern CZPT …
four. When I receive it after shell out?
Pricey CZPT er, normal versions can be delivered with 5-7days, please contact us to check transport time to your deal with.
five. How to produce?
Dear CZPT er, we can ship by Express, by Sea and by Air.
six. Is will be damaged in the course of transportation?
Dear CZPT er, please do not be concerned, we do normal export package.
seven. What should I do if I do not know how to use?
Dear CZPT er, please do not be concerned, guide user will be despatched jointly, you can also make contact with us with far more technological assist.
eight. What should I do if some components broken?
Pricey CZPT er, please do not be concerned, we have 12months warranty besides  wear areas. You can also get components from us right after 12months.

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Guarantee And Right after-sale Services
♥♥We CZPT 1 12 months Warranty , And Lifelong Free CZPT nical Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. And Training♥♥


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