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Digital Wire Tensioner for Tanac Winding CZPT (ET sequence)

To attain closed-loop pressure management, automated control precision up to ± 2%(This characteristic is only for element of the design)
Established features a selection of stress can be switched with the inut signal the output rigidity of a swiftly modifying (its output value is equal to the corresponding established price), to obtain the goal of inteligent manage
Excitation currents through the stress control, high control precision, stability and availability of the pressure has nothing to do with the winding velocity, can be adapted to high-speed winding.

With knowledge acquisition and output capabilities with laptop by means of RS232C interaction, to achieve stress curve and information monitoring.


 model   reference diameter scope(mm)  tension scope(g.f)
 ET-thirty  0.02-.06  2-30
 ET-100  0.04-.12  10-100
 ET-two hundred  0.06-.16  15-200
 ET-300  0.08-.25  30-350
ET-five hundred  0.12-.35  60-500
 ET-one thousand  0.15-.forty five  100-one thousand

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