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Sizzling Marketing equipment Coil Winding CZPT CZPT Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

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Coil winding wire guide Nozzles(TungstenCarbide nozzle)also call wire manual tubes, wire guide eyelets, wire guidebook needles.


it is used on coil winding machine. It is manufactured specifically of challenging alloy and enjoys the hardness up to HRA90.


Two terminals and innerle are all obtain mirror surface therapy to ensure enameled wire makes no scrape. CZPT hardness, resistance to flexure, block and impact. 

Product Characteristics:

one. CZPT CZPT r Resistance
This is certain by the option of resources for use components possessing. Hardness Value: 1800 ~ 2200Vickers, or 3times that of situation hardened metal. Human body materials is stainless metal for structural supports, not wear-bearing.

2. Scratch-Proofing
Remove wire insulation movie hurt, minimal friction resistance, steady wire tension. The wire-guiding surfaces are mirror concluded by diamond lapping to a surface roughness of 2 -4 micro inches Ra or much better, materials allow.

three. Straightness and Stiffness
Straightness and Stiffness are outlined by the wire exit currently being concentric and rigid with respect to the nozzle locating? . In simple conditions, the wire must exit from the nozzle concentric to the finding? To inside .02 mm, with or with no load. A geometric characteristic presentation is demonstrated at upper still left. Concentricity to inside .01mm.

4. Specific Exit Radii
Simply because the coil winding nozzle’s Exit Radii governs the angle of the wire exit from a single coil to the subsequent, it ought to be monitored to + / – .571 mm. This is carried out by electronic measurement, proven at higher appropriate.

Prodict Specification:
Customise CZPT by asked for, outside the house diameter is ruled by nozzle wall thickness. See the measurements drawing to affirm your nozzles measurements in accordance to your winding machine and coil merchandise.

Processing limit: D1≥ .2mm, D1≥ .7mm

NO Product L L1 D D1 d d1 H
one W5710-.8-0602 twenty 2 .8 .six .2 .two  
2 W571-1.5-1007 30 7 1.5 1 .five .5  
three W571-2-1007 30 seven 2 one .5 .5  
four W571-2-1210 35 ten 2 one.2 .5 .five  
five W571-2-1007 35 7 2 1 .4 .4  
six W0330-2-0808 30 8 2 .eight .3 .3  
8 W0326-2-1007 26 seven two one .three .3  
9 W571-2-1571 thirty ten two 1 .five .5  
11 W835-2.5-2011 35 11 two.5 2 .eight .8  
12 W0330-2-1006 thirty 6 two one .three .three  
13 W 0571 -2-1215 35 fifteen 2 1.2 .6 .6  
15 W571-3-1571 thirty 10 3 one .five .five  
16 W0630-3-1008 30 eight three one .six .6  
17 W03303-0807 30 7 three .eight .three .3  
19 W0630-3-1309 30 nine three 1.3 .6 .6  
21 W0614-3-1509p fourteen 9 3 one.5 .six .six 5
22 W1014-3-1509p fourteen nine three 1.five 1 one 5
23 W571-3-1009p 14 9 3 1 .4 .4 5
24 W1030-three thirty   three   one 1  
25 W0326-3-0808 26 8 3 .8 .three .three  
29 W0626-3-1208 26 8 3 one.2 .6 .six  
thirty W1030-3-2014 30 fourteen 3 2 12 12  
31 W1230-3-2514 30 14 three 2.5 1.two 1.2  
33 W0330-3-0502 thirty 2 three .five .three .3  
34 W0626-3-1208 26 8 3 1.2 .6 .six  
36 W0330-3-0504 thirty four 3 .5 .three .three  
37 W0823-three 25   three   .eight .8  
38 W571-1211 35 11 three 1.two .four .four  
39 W5715-3-0811 35 11 three .eight .35 .35  
forty one W1571-3-1608 25 eight three one.six 1 1  
forty two W0845-3-2017 forty five 17 3 2 .8 .8  
forty three W1535-3 35   3   1.5 one.five  
44 W1036-3-2016 36 16 three two 1 1  
45 W0630-3-1212 30 twelve 3 one.two .6 .6  
forty six W 0571 -4-2015 30 fifteen 4 two .eight .eight  
forty seven W1243-4-2515p forty three 15 four two.5 one.two one.2 20
forty eight W0843-4-2015p 32 15 four 2 .eight .eight twenty
49 W1232-4.5 forty three   four.five   one.two one.2  
50 W1543-4-2512p forty three 12 four two.five one.5 one.5 20
51 W0843-3.9-2019p 20 19 3.nine 2 .eight .8 19
52 W2571-five 20   5   two two  

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Info of CZPT business

HARTAI CZPT nology Industry Co., Ltd , found in 2001, is located in the beautiful city of CZPT ‘s production business HangZhou Town.  It is dedicated to nozzle, ruby products, tungsten carbide merchandise, ceramic goods, plastic crochet hook and precision machinery manufacturing .Our major items are nozzle, ceramic roller, jump wire preventer, CZPT measurements of ceramic eyes, combination  wire roller, ceramic wheel and CZPT -regular areas, all types of pressure and so on. 



one. How can I get a quotation?

You can uncover CZPT speak to info under this web page and some element details will be really helpful to get an precise quotation. We will give quotation inside of 24hours, if urgent, remember to notify us and we will regard your inquiry priority.
two. How can I get a sample?

As the price confirmed, you can require for samples. 
three. Can you do the design for us?

 Yes, we have CZPT manufacturing unit and we can make CZPT order.
four. How long can I expect to get the sample?
Generally it requires 7-15days to generate the sample.
five. What about the lead time for mass production?

It depends on what sort of products you ordered. Usually, 15-25days for mass order.
We sincerely hope to get your inquiry of this voice coil actuator! If any concerns, please really feel cost-free to get in touch with us.  Many thanks for going to CZPT internet site!O(∩_∩)O


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