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Hollow shaft magnetic particle clutch for pressure controller

The magnetic CZPT clutch is composed of energetic rotor (enter shaft), driven rotor (out shaft) and Yoke with excitation coil. The three components are assembled relative concentric and type a system which can rotate fairly. The annular hole between active rotor and driven rotor is entire of alloy powder which has high magnetic conductivity.

The magnetic CZPT will be in the state of free when the recent do not go the excitation coil. The magnetic CZPT will be thrown on the internal wall of active rotor. In this case, there will not exist the conversation drive in between the lively and driven rotor. So the magnetic powder clutch is in the condition of separation, no torque transmission exits.

The magnetic CZPT in the working chamber will ink state under the motion of the magnetic flux produced form the Yoke when the present pass the excitation coil. The magnetic powder clutch can transfer torque relying on the shear power produced from magnetic chain and the friction generated from the magnetic CZPT and operating face. In this case, the magnetic CZPT clutch is in the point out of mixture

When the current is reduce off, the magnetic flux will disappear with the disappearance of the magnetizing present, the magnetic powder will be in the point out of unfastened under the motion of gravity again, and will be thrown on the internal wall of energetic rotor beneath the motion of the centrifugal power. In is scenario, the magnetic powder clutch will be in the condition of separation again.

The magnetic powder clutch and brake have the same theory, the magnetic powder brake will form as CZPT as the pushed rotor of the magnetic powder clutch is set.


1, CNC precision manufacturing, higher precision, precision machining, good linearity, exceptional functionality.

2, magnetic powder substantial purity, no black powder, steady functionality, CZPT lifestyle.

three, aluminum alloy construction, with outstanding warmth dissipation overall performance, great demagnetization, CZPT response.

four. Steady procedure, no vibration, no effect and no sounds when commencing, managing and braking.


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