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CZPT dependability has been attained by special grease and large efficiency seal. We gives a broad line of bearings to fulfill the requirements of each and every variety of belt and format…

Tensioner and Loafer
This bearing is found in the CZPT of an internal combustion engine. It gives pressure to the belt which drives from the crankshaft, to the cam shaft, alternator, CZPT , CZPT steering pump, and water pump. It must take care of high temperatures, large-speed rotation, and belt vibration simply because of contiguity in the motor utilised in buy to make the path of a belt adjust. These bearings are designed towards various specification from normal deep groove bearings. These bearing are divided approximately into two sorts and discovered by the usage, respectively.

1) Tensioner bearing
Bearing which applies rigidity to the drive belt, and helps prevent slack.

two) Idler bearing
Bearing which has an effect on a modify in the angle of direction which a belt runs or to change get in touch with width with a pulley.
Sealed groove bearing is typically utilised and it also has built-in heat-resistant grease, a seal, and retainer and the framework can withstand a temperature modify or adjust of belt pressure when the auto is managing.
one)Tensioner bearing
The rotation middle is movable in order to give rigidity to the belt.

two) Loafer CZPT
Unitized with the pulley. 
Item Function
The pursuing are essential features of these indispensable elements for the easy travel of the belt technique.
1)To insert preliminary tension by making use of the pivot gap and eccentric gap which soak up pressure changes in the timing belt exactly where the temperature alterations when the motor is working.
two)To avert any belt-skip, which would lead to mis-matching of the valve timing amongst crank shaft and cam shaft
Design of Tensioner and Idler pully bearing’s area in operating

VKM12380 VKM33002 VKM75006 VKM81004 JPU60-71+JF129 57TB0505B01
VKM12151 VKM71000 VKM75008 VKM81100 JPU60-283+JF485 62TB571B01
VKM11571 VKM71401 VKM75033 VKM81200 JPU60-216+JF391 50TB0526B01
VKM13244 VKM24212 VKM75044 VKM81201 JPU60-257 62TB0520B01
VKM13100 VKM33004 VKM75100 VKM84000 JPU57-54+JF574 50TB5711
VKM13201 VKM33017 VKM75101 VKM84201 JPU60-215 62TB0629B06
VKM13240 VKM38001 VKM12001 VKM84600 JPU55-fifty four 62TB0629B04
VKM13200 VKM38004 VKM12571 VKM84601 JPU55-002B-one 62TB5713
VKM14000 VKM38012 VKM12012 VKM85000 JPU58-1+JF181 57TB0609B01
VKM13241 VKM71001 VKM12101 VKM23120 JPU60-129+JF337 70TB0603
VKM11000 VKM71002 VKM12630 VKM23122 JPU52-159 50TB0112B01
VKM12200 VKM71003 VKM13200 VKM23130 JPU52-131 56TB0503B01
VKM14100 VKM71005 VKM22242 VKM24213 JPU42-17+JF417 52TB0529B01
VKM14103 VKM71007 VKM22630 VKM24214 JPU50-6+JF265 57TB3705B01
VKM14105 VKM71012 VKM23122 VKM33571 JPU52-157 57TB3701
VKM14201 VKM71014 VKM23244 VKM36571 JPU52-128+JF434 56TB0602B01
VKM14210 VKM71100 VKM26100 VKM36031 JPU52-111+JF434 60TB041B02
VKM14301 VKM71101 VKM36014 VKM76200 X3-JPU60-27 60TB026B02
VKM15210 VKM71200 VKM38004 13504-87301 JPU50-69 60TB062B01
VKM15215 VKM71201 VKM73600 13505-87303 JPU50-66 52TB28571B01
VKM16000 VKM71202 VKM74501 2108-1006210 5JPU60-124+JF183 60TB0637
VKM16001 VKM71400 VKM75108 2110-157156 JPU42-eighteen 60TB039B09
VKM16101 VKM71401 VKM75130 2112-1006120 JPU50-80+JF513 60TB039B01
VKM16112 VKM71404 VKM75144 2112-1006135 JPU58-55 60TB048B01
VKM16210 VKM72000 VKM75601 2112-1006135-01 JPU58-015A-three 60TB041B12
VKM22151 VKM72004 VKM75612 B660-12-700F JPU58-fifty eight 60TB041
VKM22380 VKM73000 VKM75613 F-212423 JPU60-71+JF121 55TB0520B01
VKM23240 VKM73005 VKM75615 F-224134 JPU60-260+JF397 50TB0524B03
VKM23241 VKM73011 VKM75616 F-226239.two JPU60-163+JF410 70TB0603
VKM24100 VKM73101 VKM76001 F-229515 JPU55-30 52TB571B01
VKM24107 VKM73112 VKM76102 F-231137 JPU50-003A-one 54TB0507B01
VKM24210 VKM74001 VKM76103 F-140071 NEP52-019A-1P  
VKM24211 VKM74001 VKM76202 F-125135.05 NEP57.6-002B-1P  
VKM25212 VKM74004 VKM76203 F-123259 NEP62-008B-1P  
VKM26571 VKM74200 VKM77002 F-231338 NEP57-013A-1P  
VKM26101 VKM74201 VKM77300 F-233879 NEP51-OO2B-six  
VKM26102 VKM74501 VKM77401 F-140072 NEP62-011A-1P  
VKM26114 VKM74600 VKM77500 OK247-12-711 NEP52.8-002A-1P  
VKM26123 VKM75000 VKM79001 OK551-12-740A NEP54-002-1P  
VKM26125 VKM75001 VKM80000      
VKM26211 VKM75004 VKM81001      
VKM28000 VKM75005 VKM81002      

5 composition kind as follows:
Nylon Pulley kind
Integrated variety
Steel Pulley with bracket variety:
Steel Pulley Variety
Integrated with bracket sort
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Idler: A driven wheel that does not transmit power via a shaft. It spins freely, and most driven pulleys are linked to other equipment, this sort of as wheels or drives, via driveshafts.
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