Product Description

Diamond wire observed for granite quarrying

The qualities:
Diamond wires quarrying approach is a revolution for mining stone.
This strategy has pursuing rewards in mining:
one: improving the quarrying performance,
two: doing work properly and safeguard surroundings properly.
3: CZPT performance provides good sized blocks without interior breaks, and can exploit massive dimension blocks with minimal quarry value.
four: We can supply distinct assistance styles and sizes beads according to the stone sorts
5: We have independently created the particular rubber and vulcanized method to make certain that the diamond wires can perform in all sorts of undesirable atmosphere.

Specification(mm) Beads/m Reinforcement Use
Φ11.five 40 Rubber Granite Quarry
Φ12 37/40 Rubber Granite Quarry
Φ12.five 38/forty Rubber Granite Quarry


Diamond wire observed for marble quarry

The qualities:
1: The diamond wire quarrying technique can extremely increase the quarrying efficiency, minimize the squander of mining resource,
2: It can exploit big dimension blocks. At the same time, it can be operated safely and it is very good for environment defense.
three: Independently designed the special rubber and vulcanized approach to guarantee that the diamond wires can operate in all types of undesirable environment.
four. The rubber and cable sticking jointly tightly makes great bonding, and this can be much more strikes for the duration of the work.
5. The vulcanised rubber simply withstands raises in temperature induced by terribly controlled h2o spraying, which frequently occurs in a quarry.
6. CZPT adaptability can lessen the minimize-in-1-aspect dilemma, and safeguard cable well when it employed for tiny curvature radius(beginning and end of quarry cuts).

Specification Reinforcement Beads number Reducing content Line velocity Reducing speed Wire daily life
Dia11.5mm Rubber forty/m  Difficult marble twenty-30m/s five-10 m2/h fifteen-25m2/m
Dia 11.0mm  Rubber 37/m Middle difficult marble twenty-35m/s 10-15 m2/h 20-35m2/m
Dia 10.5mm  Rubber 33/m Comfortable marble twenty five-35m/s fifteen-20 m2/h 30-50m2/m
Dia eleven.0mm Spring+Plastic thirty/m Tough marble twenty-30m/s 5-10 m2/h fifteen-25m2/m
Dia 11.0mm Spring+Plastic 30/m Center hard marble twenty-35m/s 10-15 m2/h 20-35m2/m
Dia ten.5mm  Spring+Plastic 28/m Comfortable marble 25-35m/s 15-20 m2/h 30-50m2/m


The diamond wire saw is utilized for block squaring:

Product functions:

1.The use of diamond wire for stone profilling,with slender kerf width and large top quality cable insure significantly less breakage and excellent pressure,provide beter performance in tough atmosphere.
two. This wire observed operates in lower sound,risk-free and eco-helpful.
3. CZPT effection, low cost, lower squander
4. Cutting sleek and approach correct
5. Risk-free and environmental defense.
six. The profile wire observed can process a assortment of special-formed stones, and the chopping angle and orientation can be altered arbitrarily.

Software Coating Diameter(mm) Beads No. Hardness Wire Speed Cutting  Lifestyle
Granite squaring Plastic 10.5 33 Soft 28-30 1.5-3. 15-twenty five
Granite squaring Plastic 11. 37 Medium 23-26 one.-2.five 12-fifteen
Granite squaring Rubber 11.5 forty Challenging twenty-25 .5-1. 8-twelve
Marble squaring Plastic 10.five 33 Soft 30-35 three-six 30-40
Marble squaring Plastic 11. 37 Medium 25-28 2-4 twenty five-thirty
Marble squaring Rubber 11.five forty Challenging 23-twenty five one-2 20-twenty five


Diamond wire observed for granite profiling

Diamond profiling wire saw is mostly used for granite block reducing and particular-formed processing. In addition, this sort of wire saw can also be used for processing granite slabs, tiny blocks, curbstones, tombstones and other stone merchandise. This product is largely used on cnc wire saws, PLC controlled slicing, and can process arc-formed stone slabs and cylinders with any pattern. In distinct, this wire observed can be employed for basic processing of hollow stone plates, as properly as for cutting stone plates. It has the traits of high processing effectiveness and vast chopping surface area.

Merchandise attributes

1.Higher cutting performance.
2.Make the even and clean slab.
three.Minimal powder consuming and much less uncooked material wasting.
4.Risk-free amd eco-welcoming with low noise.
5.Easy manipulation with lower value.

Specification Assembing Method   Beads/meter Software Line Speed(m/s)
Φ9. Plastic  37  Granite profiling twenty-28
Φ8.8 Plastic  37 Granite profiling twenty-28
Φ8.five Plastic  37 Granite profiling 20-28
Φ8.two Plastic  37 Granite profiling 20-28
Φ8. Plastic  37 Granite profiling 20-28


Multi wire observed

Item features:

  1. Efficiency is calculated by down feed for each min.
  2. We can supply unlimited diamond wire.
  3. Our 7.3mm limitless wires can cut more than 330-380 hrs with out crack! It can help CZPT shopper reduce the labor cost, eletricity cost and device upkeep charges.
  4. Our 7.3mm unlimited wires are quite great for Universo, Gaspari, Pedrini, Pellegrini and Bidese (Breton) multi wire devices.
Merchandise technical specs:
Specification(mm) Beads/m Reinforcement Cutting content Line pace (m/s) Slicing speed    (m2/h) Wire life (m2/m)
Φ6.four 37 Plastic granite 20-28 .4-1.eight twelve-thirty
Φ7.two 37 Plastic granite 20-28 .4-1.eight 12-thirty
Φ7.5 37 Plastic granite twenty-28 .4-1.eight twelve-thirty
Φ8. 37 Plastic granite twenty-28 .4-1.eight twelve-30
Φ6.four 37 Plastic marble 28-35 one-4 twenty-eighty
Φ7.two 37 Plastic marble 28-35 1-four 20-80
Φ7.five 37 Plastic marble 28-35 1-4 20-eighty
Φ8. 37 Plastic marble 28-35 1-4 20-80

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