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Hysteresis Type Cable Reel


Hysteresis Type Cable Reel is a variety of coiling gear that transfers dynamical CZPT and controlling signal in between two relative motion objects for huge-scale lifting movable equipments. It is broadly used to the cellular mechanical equipments these kinds of as port portal crane, container crane, ship loader, tower crane and etc.

This merchandise is also an perfect coiling equipment at present. Compared with regular Second Mortised Cable reel, it characteristics far more purpose, less complicated set up, near to consistent rigidity and adjustable output second. Even more, it ‘s advantaged in very good braking function, dependable cable motion and CZPT existence, unbreakable.


1. A. It is the framework in bulk that every coiler bar is increased than 2500, customers refer to assembling and installing drawing by oneself, it is the complete construction that be significantly less than or equal to 2500.
B. Parameters and cable capacity refer to spool of info CZPT -timely hindered rotation motor.

2. The class of the electrical collector.
Amount 1 electrical collector’ s solitary existing is less than 150A, Variety 2 electrical collector’s solitary present is less than 400A, Number 3 electrical collector is kind of higher voltage slip ring group with present is excellent than 400A, Number 4 electrical collector’s solitary present is significantly less than 30A.

3. The relationship technique of cable
A. Amount 1, 4 collector slip ring group have guide wire which the incoming cable connects with the connecting conclude of the spool.
B. Variety 2, 3 collector slip ring team is without guide wire cable connects with slip ring immediately.

4. CZPT tity assortment of driver:
A. Total torque that the cable wants.
W: Cable unit weight N
H: The height from spool heart to
D: Cable capacity’ diameter of spool
μ : Functioning efficiency u=.85
B. CZPT r variety
N>Adopt 2 thread
N>Adopt 3 thread analogize sequentially

5. User provide underneath info after model assortment
(1). Cable specification and contour dimension
(2). Cable length (including reserve coil amount)
(3). Winding arranged one row or multi-row.
(4). The set up top of the cable drum.
(5). Regardless of whether having cable rack for location cable.
(6). No matter whether using limited placement of security.

Magnetic Hysteresis Variety Cable Drum CZPT ctrical Cable Drum Series JCD Overall Dimension & CZPT nical Knowledge:
Merchandise A B C D1 D2 d E F I W weight(kg)
1 450 510 420 1000 1800 22 750 1130 eighty 180 720
two 450 510 420 a thousand 2000 22 750 1130 eighty a hundred and eighty 740
3 450 510 420 1000 2200 22 750 1130 eighty a hundred and eighty 780
4 450 510 420 1500 2300 22 750 1180 80 220 830
5 450 510 420 1500 2500 22 750 1180 80 220 900
6 450 510 420 1500 2600 22 750 1180 eighty 220 920
Main CZPT nical Knowledge
Cable Product Current A 50m Item 100m Item 150m Item 200m Item  
Continously one min.(on) 1 min.(off)  
YC3×35+1×10 110 150 / / JYD110-a hundred-4 1 JYD110-a hundred and fifty-four 2 JYD110-200-4 4  
YC3×50+1×16 140 180 JYD140-50-four 1 JYD140-one hundred-4 2 JYD140-a hundred and fifty-4 4 JYD140-200-4 5  
YC3×70+1×25 180 220 JYD180-50-4 1 JYD180-one hundred-4 2 JYD180-one hundred fifty-four 4 JYD180-200-four 5  
YC3×95+1×35 210 270 JYD210-fifty-4 2 JYD210-a hundred-4 3 JYD210-150-4 5 JYD210-200-four 6  
YC3×120+1×35 250 320 JYD250-50-4 2 JYD250-one hundred-4 3 JYD250-150-four 5 JYD250-two hundred-4 6  
Noted:1. Cable not incorporate 2. if you need flat cable,remember to remark it when you location the order3.this product’s motor component is consist of 1-5 established electric  motor  

Mounted pulley: The shaft is mounted pulley. It can rotate, but are not able to shift freely in any course.
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