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OEM Quantity:4PK706
Length [mm]:705
Amount of Ribs:4
Substance : EPDM

CHEVROLET 9661 0571
NISSAN 11720-D4202

Description :

one. The tensioner is a belt tensioner used in the automobile transmission program. The tension pulley is mostly composed of a fixed shell, a tension arm, a wheel body, a torsion spring, a rolling bearing and a spring sleeve. It can routinely change the pressure power in accordance to the various tightness of the belt to make the transmission system steady, protected and trustworthy.

two. The main operate of the tensioner bearing is to help the mechanical rotating physique.

three.Reduce the friction coefficient for the duration of its motion and ensure its rotation precision.

4.Alter sliding friction into rolling friction.


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Tension pulley

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