Product Description

 Make sure you check the paramemter as per beneath :

POWER Range :   5KW 8KW 10KW 12KW 15KW 25KW 35KW
Input Power:  8KVA 15KVA 18KVA 20KVA 25KVA 35KVA 50KVA
Suitable Welding Area 100 cm2 200Cm2 250CM2 280CM2 320CM2 500CM2 700CM2
Oscillation Tube 7T85RB 7T69RB E3069 E3130 8T85RB 8T85RA 8T877RB 
Standard working table  450*1000MM  450 * 1200 MM
Power Supply 3P * 380V * 50Hz & 3P * 220V * 60Hz
Working Frequency  27.12Mhz
Rectifier Silicon Diode 
Drive Mode Pneumatic ( Hydraulic optional at additional cost ) 
Arc suppressor  High Sensibility  NL-5557 
Suitable Material :  PVC or any fabric contents PVC .
Cylinder working stroke  150mm ( customization offered ) 
Welding Time  0-30 S adjustable  ( customization offered )

Main Application :Applied for Inflatable Tent , tarpaulin, sunshade,canvas,painting canvas,
film curtain and relatives for automatic stepping welding and connecting.


Product Description

 WELD-1500 is the typical High Frequency Welding Machine which is designed and made 
for making Tents ,Military Tents , Military Cover ,

Outdoor PVC Tension Membrane,

PVC waterproof membrane ,Shade Membrane Canopy,Tension Membrane Structure,

strong membrance structure with good tension(PVC,Aluminum Alloy),

tensile structures,fabric structures,car structure canopy ,

High tensile fabric membrane structure,

Tensile Membrane Structure,Outdoor Fabric Shade Cover 


Tensile Membrane Construction and 

many application related to tarpaulin or PVC &PU coated fabric 

Main Application :Applied for Inflatable Tent , tarpaulin, sunshade,canvas,painting canvas,
film curtain and relatives for automatic stepping welding and connecting.

1. The CZPT frequency Welding CZPT

The CZPT frequency Welding CZPT or Radio Frequency welding machine helps in signing up for the two or much more resources by supplying CZPT Frequency stress. This force is in the type of electromagnetic vitality and can be utilized on the materials to get joined with each other. There is a generator in the equipment to create and source power. This equipment includes:
·PVC Tarpaulin Welding CZPT
·PVC & PET Blister CZPT CZPT ry
·High Frequency Welding & Chopping CZPT
·HF welder for Pocket Air CZPT
·Automatic CZPT Frequency Welding CZPT
·Standard CZPT Frequency Welding CZPT

2. CZPT Belt CZPT ry

A CZPT Belt is typically utilised as a medium of a belt conveyor technique. It is normally has two or more pulleys and belt operates as a carrying medium. Hansweld equipment consists of several sorts and sequence of conveyor Belts machinery these kinds of as:
·High Frequency Welding CZPT for PVC , TPU, cleats and sidewalls CZPT -10KW
·HSD-12KW CZPT Frequency Welding CZPT for conveyor belt
·HSD-15KW CZPT Belt Welding CZPT for cleats and sidewalls
·HSD-25KW CZPT Belt Welding CZPT for cleats and sidewalls
·High Frequency Welding CZPT for conveyor belt
·High Frequency CZPT Belt Welding CZPT CZPT -8KW
·Finger Punching CZPT for CZPT Belt
·Air Cooled Push for PVC TPU CZPT belt

three. PVC PET folding Box series

This sort of equipment is generally designed t make packing containers or foldable packing containers for the merchandise in the marketplace. These consist of delicate crease box equipment see through packaging, PVC folding, Offset CZPT Boxes, PVC and PET foldable containers etc.

4. PVC PET Cylinder Forming device

Hasweld equipment also offer with the clear cylindrical container forming devices, this also incorporate devices like: Cylinder Tube Edge curling device, CZPT sonic CZPT Frequency cylinder base lid sealing machine, CZPT sonic & solvent Cylindrical Tube Forming CZPT , Cylinder Tube forming device.
·PVC & PET cylinder tube forming device
·PVC & PET Cylinder Forming CZPT CZPT -two hundred
·Semi-Cylinder Tube forming device
·PVC PET cylinder tube base edge curling equipment
·Fully CZPT matic Cylinder Tube Curling CZPT
·Cylinder tube bottom curling device
·Cake Box Edge Curling CZPT
·PVC & PET cylinder tube base lid sealing device
·Ultrasonic Cylindrical Tube Bottom Lid Welding device
·Cylinder tube base lid sealing machine

five. PVC PET PP Flattening Slicing machine

Hansweld also manufactures the gentle plastic flattening and reducing device. They provide with two models of the flattening and reducing equipment CZPT -420-one thousand and CZPT -370-1000.

six. Cake Box Generating equipment

Hansweld also supply with the exclusive engineering of cake box creating machines, this equipment satisfy several of the market’s demands in modern instances. The cake box making machine can produce 1 piece for each fifteen CZPT s (1pcs/15sec) in one particular forming and chopping procedure spherical. They also offer with the free on 12 months education of this device with guarantee. The product quantity of this device is CZPT -550B

seven. Sizzling Air Welding CZPT

Hansweld give Very hot Air Welding machine with hugely durable, vehicle adjustable temperature manage with heating balance in king size of twist square design.
They have two types in this classification of machinery Sizzling Air welding device WELD-fifteen and hand Held Very hot Air Welding CZPT

8. CZPT sonic Welding CZPT

Ultrasonic Welding equipment has higher frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations to apply force on the materials so they held together. Hansweld Offer with two designs of this machinery: CZPT sonic Welding CZPT CZPT -15600W/2200W/3200W/4200W and Plastic CZPT sonic Welding equipment.

nine. Components and components

Hansweld Supplies all required add-ons and components which related to the CZPT equipment .

Hansweld Co.,Ltd was found in the year 2571, We have branch equally in ShenZhen and HangZhou. Our company is integration of manufacturer, trader distributor and wholesaler. We are the leading producers of CZPT Frequency Welding CZPT s which are also recognized as Radio Frequency CZPT s.
We are the main sellers of CZPT Frequency Welding CZPT , PVC&PET Cylinder tube creating equipment, PVC&PET distinct box generating device, CZPT sonic Welding CZPT , CZPT CZPT ry.

Our Services:
1)    Provide 24-hour provider hotline.
2)    Reply and uncover out remedy inside the shortest time in accordance to CZPT er’s requirement.
three)    Provide on contact support to support CZPT er solve issues.
four)    Provide totally free of equipment installation as nicely as commissioning, and notify CZPT er how to do the device routine maintenance.
5)    Prepare CZPT er’s opinions monitoring in one particular week right after machine installation right up until meet CZPT er’s pleasure.
6)    Provide one year guaranty and lifetime servicing.

one.     Q: How is the soon after product sales support?
          A:We supply 1 calendar year warranty and complex assistance life span. All machine’s elements can be replaced for free of charge in 1 12 months if damaged(excluding error operation).
2.     Q: Is it hard to put in the equipment?
          A: The work store must prepare complete facility these kinds of as CZPT and CZPT . For the first installation, engineer will be sent to set equipment and do the device education as CZPT as handbook instruction. For the even more issues come out, we can supply online video instruction as nicely.
3.     Q: What is actually the device lead time?
          A: For the normal devices, we can shipping inside of thirty days. If it is CZPT ized by CZPT er(OEM), the guide time is 35-55 times.


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