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Product Description

Belt tensioners are incredibly essential in the proper operation of the accessory belt generate program. A tensioner maintains the proper quantity of stress on the belt at all instances through its duty cycle. It also helps shield other elements such as the alternator and h2o pump from undue pressure and untimely failure. In addition, a tensioner is a comparatively low-cost part to substitute. So, each and every time you substitute a multi-ribbed belt, be sure to substitute the tensioner at the very same time.

Moreover, when a tensioner has arrived at the stop of its service life CZPT endorses that all put on areas are replaced at the very same time to guarantee the ideal CZPT -term remedy.

THE Significance OF Right BELT Rigidity

If the belt tension is as well reduced, the belt will slip creating noise, really higher temperatures and premature belt dress in, all of which can direct to the bad functioning of the belt-driven components. If the pressure is too large, this will result in abnormal dress in to the belt-driven equipment.

Product Parameters

Merchandise Timing Belt Tensioner for honda Civic 31170-RNA-A01 31170-RNA-A02 31170-RNA-A03 31170-RWK-571
Parameter Outer Diameter : 70 mm
Top : 30.5 mm
Package deal 1,barreled bundle+outer carton+pallets 
2,plastic bag+single box+outer carton+pallets 
3,tube deal+middle box+outer carton+pallets 
four, In accordance to your’s requirement
Top quality Manage We have a total method for generation and top quality assurance to make positive CZPT goods can fulfill your necessity.
2.Windage take a look at
4.Rotary take a look at
5.Greasing and gland
6.Sound inspection
7.Visual appeal inspection
8.Rust avoidance


Detailed Pictures


OEM No. Ref.
31170-RNA-A01 VKM 63018, -N1851S, TDI5235,-N1851S,TDI5235

Relevant Versions (Please contact us for a lot more details)

Calendar year Make Product Trim Engine
2006 Honda Civic DX Coupe 2-Door one.8L 1799CC l4 Gasoline SOHC CZPT ly Aspirated
2006 Honda Civic DX Sedan 4-Doorway one.8L 1799CC l4 Gasoline SOHC CZPT ly Aspirated
2006 Honda Civic EX Coupe 2-Door 1.8L 1799CC l4 Gas SOHC CZPT ly Aspirated
2006 Honda Civic EX Sedan 4-Doorway 1.8L 1799CC l4 Fuel SOHC CZPT ly Aspirated
2006 Honda Civic GX Sedan 4-Doorway 1.8L 1799CC l4 CNG SOHC CZPT ly Aspirated
2006 Honda Civic LX Coupe 2-Door 1.8L 1799CC l4 Gasoline SOHC CZPT ly Aspirated
2006 Honda Civic LX Sedan 4-Door 1.8L 1799CC l4 Gasoline SOHC CZPT ly Aspirated


Other Model List Reference( Please contact us for much more details)

60800148 VKM12005 CR1672 F-123633 Alfa Romeo
5997325 VKM12101 CR1646 F-225717 Alfa Romeo
5972277 VKM12200 CR1654 F-36261 Alfa Romeo
026109243E VKM11000 CR1680 F-81749.5 Audi / VW
048109243A VKM11001 CR1813 F-123623 Audi / VW
68,109,243 VKM11571 CR1682 F-90053.4 Audi / VW
571109243G VKM11015 CR1676 F-234390 Audi / VW
51,109,243 VKM11571 CR1863 F-220083 Audi / VW
074109243H VKM11054 CR1807 F-234393 Audi / VW
074109243R VKM11072 CR1889 F-234389 Audi / VW
57119243C VKM11105 CR1805 F-234396 Audi / VW
57119243K VKM11106 CR1892 F-232489 Audi / VW
06A109479C VKM11113 CR3140 F-123814 Audi / VW
06B109243D VKM11116 CR3139   Audi / VW
036109243R VKM11120 CR3146 Audi / VW
038109243H VKM11130 CR3176   Audi / VW
078109243C VKM11200 CR1814 F-123629 Audi / VW
078109243K VKM11201 CR1642   Audi / VW
069 109 243 B VKM21031 CR1681 F-85300.two Audi / VW
074109243K VKM21032 CR1812 F-220125 Audi / VW
074109243A VKM21041 CR3123 Audi / VW
57109243D VKM21045 CR3142 Audi / VW
078109244F VKM21052 CR3129   Audi / VW
036109244D VKM21120 CR3145 F-231219 Audi / VW
036109181A VKM21121 CR3148 F-231220 Audi / VW
038109244H VKM21130 CR3002 F-239421 Audi / VW
038109244J VKM21147 CR3495 F-239652 Audi / VW
078109244G VKM21201 CR1643 F-123658 Audi / VW
38,145,276 VKM31002 CR1485   Audi / VW
571 one hundred forty five 278E VKM31004 CR1491 F-214797 Audi / VW
57145276A VKM31007 CR3130 F-231224 Audi / VW
078903341J VKM31571 CR3124 F-225712 Audi / VW
11281738605 VKM38003 CR1476 F-220094.1 BMW
11281748131 VKM38004 CR3017 F-225719.2 BMW
11311721263 VKM18000 CR1815 F-220084 BMW
11311727611 VKM18001 CR1816 F-225716 BMW
24410-23500 VKM23502S CR5119   Hyundai
24810-23500 VKM85147 CR5118   Hyundai
24810-26571 VKM85145 CR5147   Hyundai
24450-38011 VKM58406 CR5213   Hyundai
24410-26000 VKM75006 CR5120   Hyundai
23357-32040 VKM75113 CR5071 F-124078 Hyundai
9571176 VKM70002 CR1885 F-232482 Opel / GM
9158004 VKM15202 CR1800 F-232488 Opel / GM
94149432 VKM15210 CR1883 F-123645 Opel / GM
97571530 VKM15213 CR1811 F-123806 Opel / GM
9128656 VKM15216 CR1810 F-232481 Opel / GM
14510-PM7-004 VKM73000 CR5086   HONDA
14520-P2A-306 VKM73005 CR5087 F-123635 HONDA
13404-PT0-004 VKM73011 CR5090 F-125038 HONDA
14510-PR3-004 VKM73201 CR5085   HONDA
14510-PT0-004 VKM73600 CR5089 F-123816 HONDA
MD192731 VKM75000 CR5138   Mitsubishi
MD146186 VKM75001 CR5065 F-125026 Mitsubishi
MD315265 VKM75002 CR5083   Mitsubishi
MD15718 VKM75004 CR5080 F-124092 Mitsubishi
MD128765 VKM75008 CR5081 F-125571 Mitsubishi
Y701-12-730 VKM25210 CR1683 F-123806 Mazda
KLY2-twelve-SJ0 VKM74000 CR5052   Mazda
F806-12-700A VKM74001 CR5062   Mazda
FS05-12-700B VKM74002 CR5048 F-125013 Mazda
R201-twelve-700A VKM74004 CR5058   Mazda
B660-twelve-700E VKM74201 CR5044 F-124090 Mazda
RFC6-twelve-seven hundred VKM74310 CR5059 F-125571 Mazda

A wide range of apps:

• agriculture and forestry gear
• automotive and industrial gearboxes
• automotive and truck electric powered elements, this kind of as alternators
• electric motors
• fluid machinery
• substance handling
• CZPT resources and family appliances
• textile machinery
• two Wheeler

Firm Profile

Our Advantages

1.ISO Regular

two.Bearing Small order acknowledged

3.In Stock bearing

4.OEM bearing service

five.Expert CZPT nical Assist

6.Well timed pre-sale service
seven.Competitive cost
8.Full variety of products on auto bearings
nine.Punctual Supply
eleven.Exceptional following-sale support

Packaging & CZPT


Packaging Specifics 1 piece in a solitary box
50 containers in a carton
twenty cartons in a pallet
Nearest Port ZheJiang or HangZhou
Guide Time For stock areas: 1-5 days.
If no stock areas:
<200 pcs: 15-30 days
≥200 pcs: to be negotiated.



If you have any other inquiries, remember to feel cost-free to make contact with us as follows:


Q: Why did you pick us?

1. We supply the very best good quality bearings with reasonable prices, reduced friction, lower sound, and CZPT support existence.

2. With ample stock and CZPT shipping, you can choose CZPT freight forwarder or your freight forwarder.


Q: Do you acknowledge little orders?

a hundred% good quality examine, when your bearings are normal measurement bearings, even one particular, we also accept.


Q: How CZPT is your delivery time?

Normally talking, if the items are in inventory, it is 1-3 days. If the items are out of inventory, it will take 6-10 days, relying on the quantity of the order.


Q: Do you give samples? Is it totally free or further?

Yes, we can offer a little number of totally free samples. 


Q: What need to I do if I do not see the variety of bearings I need?

We have way too numerous bearing collection numbers. Just send us the inquiry and we will be really pleased to ship you the bearing specifics.

Q: Could you take CZPT and CZPT ize?
A: Of course, we can CZPT ize for you in accordance to sample or drawing, but, pls give us technical data, such as dimension and mark.

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In a twin pulley method, this ratio is equivalent to the reference diameter of the output pulley being higher than the reference diameter of the input pulley. It truly is pretty uncomplicated as extended as you calculate the equipment ratios for a much more complicated pulley program phase by stage. For a number of pulleys, the ratios of the different parts of the mechanism have to be calculated to establish the overall ratio. In the image previously mentioned, the reference diameter of the lower travel wheel is 20mm, the radius of the higher wheel is 40mm, and the ratio is 2:1. 2 spins on the lower wheel and 1 spin on the higher wheel. The gear ratio also tells us some thing about the torque of the technique because the ratio of output torque to input torque is equal to the equipment ratio. Consequently, the torque used to the upper wheel is twice as rapidly, but the speed is halved.
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