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Newin Spiral Bevel Gear Transmission Reducer Used For CZPT Tower Supporter

NCJ sequence cooing tower gear reducer is a newly made for cooling towers employing the principle of hypoid gear transmission and combining the structural characteristics and transmission requirements of medium-sized cooling towers. Compared with other gear-pushed reducers, the bodyweight of the NCJ series gear reducer entire body is no CZPT er borne by the cooling tower, and the tower wall can be thinned and the value can be diminished. The sounds pollution of the engine is 3-5 decibels than the sound of the planetary reducer of the exact same specification. The installation and upkeep is convenient, there is no difficulties of belt extension, and the cumbersome installation of exterior transmission reducer is averted. NCJ series equipment reducer is an ideal accessory solution for medium-sized cooling towers.



-Substantial working dependability, no need to modify the belt stress, entirely solve the maintenance perform brought on by belt slippage

-High transmission efficiency, totally resolve the CZPT decline brought on by belt slippage, and the air output of the supporter is much more assured

– Convenient installation: the CZPT is an integrated composition, which helps make set up less complicated and more practical, lowers set up needs and decreases set up labor expenses.


NCJ with design 132, 180, 225, 280 and 315 varieties, motor CZPT matched with the reducer or we just provide the reducer without having motor.

Set up AND Application

NCJ sequence equipment reducer is less complicated set up, trustworthy transmission, much more saving total cost, much better efficient cooling influence than standard transmission strategy, it is straightforward installation and routine maintenance.


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