Solution Description

Prestress CZPT Pressure CZPT ctric Oil Pump for Submit Tension Jack

High Strain CZPT ctric Oil Pump is the principal CZPT source of prestressed hydraulic equipment. It largely is composed of pump, management valve, motor and pulley.
YZB-50×2 substantial strain electric oil pump is the products that offers stress CZPT for prestressing jack. It is utilized with each other with prestressing jack, and extruding machine of various tonnages. It is mainly applied to projects these kinds of as Large-span bridges, overhead crane beam, rock-soil anchoring undertaking, stadiums, etc.

Product Characteristics
one. Small measurement with wheels, straightforward to operate.
2. No noise and air pollution, atmosphere pleasant
three. Ideal style, compact composition, stable oil output.
four. CZPT performance in put up tensioning and prestressing operate

Main Parameters

Model YZB-50×2
Power Source Electric power
Electrical power 3Kw
Voltage 380V
Strain 50Mpa
Stream 2*2L/min
Excess weight 120Kg


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